TinaOnTheTracks – Summer 16 Beats

Summer 16 beats is a compilation of my latest work in the Jungle AE recording studio.

Summer 16 beats trailer showcases the evolution of my beat making process. Over the last five years I’ve been refining my sound and workflow within Reason™.  I never imagined that my abilities would reach the heights that I’m at now, but through consistency, discipline and hard work I’ve been able to truly expand and express my artistic side.

I listen to a wide variety of genres.  I always incorporate my authentic taste to fuse with the artist’s sound.  This teamwork produces the best music. My love for music has only grown stronger and I hope it can continue to do so.  I want to help artists use my beats as a vehicle to spread their message to the world.

Interested in collaborating?  Contact me now!


Love All❤

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