Sista E.L.L.A. – “Jungle Child”

Recorded by Excel ‘Coach’ Cruz at Jungle AE.

This was a unique project to work on.  I didn’t get a chance to do a full mix, but now you get to see what my rough mixes sound like!  I probably had about 30 minutes to whip out a mix for Sista E.L.L.A’s “Jungle Child.  Many times, my rough mixes have been used for radio play and music videos, so this is nothing new to me.  Plus it also shows my rough mixes are already at a high level audio quality.  My vocal chain for rough mixes always start with an R-Channel (although, I now use the AudioTrack channel strip).  I use that so I can get to my compressors and EQ quickly and start work on processing vocals during playbacks.  It is followed by a stereo image and then a reverb, this helps me to quickly achieve width and space.  For Sista E.L.L.A’s vocals, I just kept them simple and clean.  Yaw’s vocals though, I got a bit fancy.  The song’s aesthetics made me feel like a message was being spread over radio airwaves to children in the jungle.  On Yaw’s vocals, I went with that vibe and put a radio effect on him.  I felt like Sista E.L.L.A. was the clear message, while Yaw’s message was dispatched from radio, I felt like it contributed to the feel of the song.  The biggest part about mixing, is making sure everything you do helps to communicate the aesthetic, emotion and vibe of the song… otherwise you’re just using effects for effects sake.  Be on the look out for Sista E.L.L.A!  She is a new positive force in the Chicago Hip Hop scene!

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