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Welcome to the official website of Jungle Audio Engineering. We are one of the best recording studios in Chicago, and we are very proud of it. We do not just help independent artists record music. We help each and every artist, across all genres, catapult their careers. We have a diverse staff of musicians, producers, and engineers that can help you achieve optimum sound, but we also aim to help you succeed. Chicago is a rich music city and there are many Chicago recording studios. However, Jungle AE is not just a recording studio within Chicago, Jungle Audio Engineering is a movement that has a mission of  re-establishing the Chicago music industry through genuine and quality productions.  We combine major label quality with a creative and comforting atmosphere! Our family of engineers exists to help spread your light, your love, and tell your story.

Virtual studio tour of Jungle AE with Chief Engineer. Excel Cruz.

Chicago's best kept secret, Jungle AE recording studio! Major label sound with family vibes. Our family of engineers exists to help spread your light, your love, and tell your story.

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Posted by Jungle AE on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jungle AE. Major Sound. Family Vibes.


Jungle AE, Recording Studio in Chicago, Launches a New Website


Welcome to Jungle AE’s new website!

We are extremely excited to launch the new website and have you all fully grasp the movement you are all behind!

You can now quickly stay updated with all that is happening at The Jungle Audio Engineering, one of the best recording studios in Chicago, as well as the music industry we are a part of.

On our homepage, you will see regularly updated news about our clients (music, videos, interviews, shows etc..) and  Jungle AE (events, blog posts, achievements, sales, etc…).  Jungle AE believes in helping in any way we can, and we feel keeping you all updated about all of our clients is a great start.

From our experience, we have learned that connecting the right audio engineer with the right artist is crucial. The proper chemistry can take a good track to an amazing track. We have implemented an Audio Engineers section on our new website, so that you can get a feel of which engineer will be the best fit for you. Each engineer has a unique in style, a unique approach, so check out their bio, and when you feel you have found your perfect engineer, give us a call, and come visit one of the best Chicago recording studios.

Our new website isn’t just  focused on our recording studio. We want you to get to know the movement, so we brought on two staff writers who have incredible talent when it comes to words, Abet Lardizabal (aka Abet Speaks) & Pat Battle.  Abet will be interviewing our clients and creating really dope and intriguing write ups.  Pat Battle will be offering help to all of our rappers and fans of hip-hop.  He will be breaking down the science of rap techniques… Basically… what makes a rapper a good rapper (flow, cadence, imagery, storytelling, similes, metaphors, etc…).   Our new website will also be featuring reviews on the latest equipment, audio critiques, tops and tricks, and a whole lot more.

Our future plans are to add a beat page directly on our website where you can purchase leases of beats from a Jungle AE Music Producer, and our YouTube channel, JungleLifeTV featuring vlogs on the industry, sports, girl/guy advice and more!  We will also be implementing an artist section featuring profiles of our dedicated clients, which will help increase your exposure to the music world.

The Jungle AE isn’t just a recording studio.  Through the combination of creative imagination and good business, we will create a movement that’s as loud as any overly compressed song… oh that’s every modern song on the radio… audio joke… #audioswag. Anyways, get to know us, visit often, and we’ll work to the top together!

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Anything white is available for booking! Please remember, 50% of what your session cost is required for a deposit to book and lock in your session. Booking is official upon receiving a screenshot confirmation from your engineer via text message. If you never received a screenshot and you paid the deposit, please contact your engineer asap.

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