Jungle AE Mission Statement

Jungle AE Mission Statement

Jungle AE Mission Statement

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Jungle AE’s mission is to re-establish the Chicago music industry through genuine and quality productions. 


The music industry is evolving into a more vibrant independent scene. Major labels are losing their power, which is why many of their studios are shutting down across the nation. With artists having more resources to harness their skills and major labels investing less in artist, the room for big budget studios has shrunk.

With the help of different equipment, artists are getting the chance to record in the equipment-AKG_c12vr-closeupluxury of their own rooms. This enables them to take on most of the roles major labels used to play.  However, this is the last thing an artist should do; with more hats to wear, your focus will be diverted and your art will be affected.

Here at Jungle AE, we don’t only help you achieve great quality sound, but we aim to help you succeed.  Our staff comprises of independent artist, producers, promoters, bloggers, business owners and other professionals who make the network and synergy in Jungle AE unique and powerful.  We truly believe that by working together, we can change not just Chicago’s music industry, but the music industry as a whole.

Jungle AE has taken on the responsibility of helping the underdogs get an edge to compete with mainstream artists.  Our combination of excellent quality and affordable prices has made us a popular choice since we officially opened in October 2011.

The unique fusion of quality sound and favorable prices Jungle AE boasts is because our Chief Engineer, Alex ‘Excel’ Cruz, and his vision of a new type of recording studio.  For him, the ideal recording studio is not a big budget studio or a hJungle Logo Blackome-based one; it is both.

Alex focused on a big budget vocal chain, which is one of the vital parts in the recording arts, and combined that with home studio equipment.  Along the way, both Studio Jah and Studio El were furnished by friends, family and clients.  It is these generous acts that testify to Jungle AE’s movement and how many people stand behind it.

Alex ‘Excel’ Cruz and Charles Acoba started Jungle AE as just another recording studio that boasted the best sound, equipment, and engineers.  Since then, the studio has grown into a powerful movement fueled by its own hungry clients and engineers.  Together we will start from the bottom, stay focused, and work hard until we all make it to the top.  We all love what we do and are ready to change the world together with you.

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