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Make Your Mix Pop Through Moments That Contrast

Make Your Mix Pop


Make your mix pop through moments that contrast is a simple way to make your mixes sound exciting that doesn’t involve too much technical skill.


Make your mix pop through Recording Revolution video tutorial on how to do it through contrast.  Pretty much they have a song with simple chords and the melodies in the verse and hooks don’t differ too much.  This makes the song dull.  I’m sure you have been given a song or are working on your own song and you say to yourself, everything sounds clean but it just isn’t that exciting.  If you can’t fix it by re-recording then there is a simple way to fix in the mix and that’s by creating contrast.  In the video, they simply add an auto-tune type effect with delay to contrast the clean vocals on the chorus.  Adding this dynamic to the song creates a contrast that makes your brain move with the song, which means your attention is being kept.  You don’t have to always do an auto-tune with delay to create contrast. We are just focused on the principle.


There a several different ways to create contrast in a song through a mix.  A popular way to create energy and excitement in a song is by simply raising the overall volume chorus by .5 db- 1.5 db.  If I’m dealing with rap, I’ll add a very light tap delay (that you can’t hear, but only feel) on the verse, and then on the hook I’ll add a little more reverb.  You could also try the “chorus” trick by duplicating the hook vocal twice, and panning one left and the other right.  Delay both duplicates at different rates (under 30ms for both, with the left being a faster delay), and then slowly mix those two in.  Another simple way to create contrast is by the ever so famous “Drake Effect”.  All that really is, is automating a lo-pass filter by cutting out hi’s like One Knob Filter or using a plug-in that cuts sample rates like Avid’s Lo-Fi.  Check out our engineer, Ksenia’s, tutorial called Pro Tools Beat Drops Used On Drake’s “Hotline Bling”.  Drops will definitely help create a contrast between the verse and hook.  Recording Revolution offers up a great video explaining the principles of how to make your mix pop through moments that contrast, click play!

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