Lee Soo Jung aka CHAI – “Decorate” (cover)

Lee Soo Jung’s “Decorate” is recorded and mixed by Excel Cruz at Jungle AE.

Lee Soo Jung aka CHAI (Crystal Yi) delivered a beautiful cover of Yuna’s “Decorate”.  Lee Soo Jung is how CHAI is known as she competes in KPop Star Season 5.  She is currently one of the top competitors and as you listen to this cover you can see why!

I’ve actually never heard of Yuna’s version before this recording session.  I thought it was an original and the emotion she put into the song makes it sound like an original.  CHAI literally did this in two takes.   One take for her mains and another take for the harmonies.  On this night we may have recorded about 4-5 different covers.  “Decorate” seems to be the one that stuck out the most for her.  I used the AKG C12VR going into the Avalon 737sp preamp.  The C12VR sounds amazing on female vocals, and especially on Lee Soo Jung.  It really captures her low end velvet smoothness in her tone but also the high end frequencies that shimmer in her voice.  No joke, this microphone and preamp combination is the perfect combination for her vocals.

When it came down to mixing, I went with the bare minimum.  There’s a tad bit of reverb on all the vocals, with me dialing in a bit more on the harmonies so they could blend and meld into the background nicely.  I used WAVES AudioTrack on an aux track that the two vocals were bussed to.  I filtered out the low end some where starting at 160 HZ.  I also cut a tiny bit at around 270-300 HZ.  I can’t remember the exact frequency I cut, sorry!  The frequency band was a pretty tight Q, I like to be exact when I’m trying to do minimal mixing.

I really wanted to allow her vocals to sound as natural as it could, especially since the instrumental was just a guitar.  This really allowed Lee Soo Jung’s vocals to shine.  Hope you enjoy the cover!

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