KeVon – Aye Mama (Prod. by Mr. 99)

Recorded and mixed by Excel ‘Coach’ Cruz at Jungle AE.

KeVon walked into the studio and blessed our AKG c12vr with a heartfelt song about his mother. Though a young Chicago rapper, his lyrics are filled with depth and packed with imagery that’ll connect the listener to his story.

Our recording session went pretty smooth. He came very prepared and knocked out the whole song in an hour. My challenge with mixing the track was how can I enhance the raw emotions and storytelling feel without making it unnecessarily deep and corny. My initial thought process was to add a good amount of reverb and delay, since that’s what I typically do for deep storytelling tracks. The music bed (instrumental) didn’t call for that type of feel though. The music bed produced by Mr. 99 felt like a hot summer day inside your home with windows open… So… I left the vocals more dry than wet. To achieve that raw and warm feeling (like your inside your house with open windows on a hot summer day… catch how my mixing theory works now?) I parallel compressed with the CLA-76 then the H-Comp. For the bus compressor on the vocal submix, I used the VBC FG-Red; it really helped to smoothen out the raw gritty feel from the CLA-76. During the hook, I did add more wetness since the beat became more trippy (sounds like there was a phaser on it). I got to have some engineering fun by automating the reverb and delay on the “mama I looooove ya”… It just seemed like the way he delivered it called for that type of effect… When we use an effect, it’s about enhancing the purpose of that original vocal/adlib/instrument. Which I’ll admit, sometimes comes about by slapping on random effects without a purpose at first.

Enjoy the song and reflect on what your mother has done for you!

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