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JTAPES Audio Podcast Lamar Creation V1 (10.29.17)

JTAPES Audio Podcast Lamar Creation features an in depth look into Jungle AE’s newest audio engineer. Veteran Jungle audio engineer, Chris House, joins in on the conversation!

JTAPES Audio Podcast Charles Acoba || #JTAPES is a weekly audio podcast released every Sunday featuring Chicago recording artists, producers and engineers recorded out of Chicago recording studio, Jungle AE.

Jungle AE’s newest audio engineer, Lamar Creation, began engineering out of necessity.  When Lamar began recording R&B music, he went to his homie’s “recording studio.”  Homie prices reflect a “homie” studio and the quality was not up to the par Lamar sought.  Because of this, he began to learn how to audio engineer and interned at Insomniac Recording Studios in Chicago south suburbs.  Quickly impressing Jungle AE’s chief engineer, Cruz, with his speed and honesty, Lamar was added to the team.

Lamar’s biggest advice to artist is to always be on time and always be prepared.  Also you need to respect the studio and engineer by making deposits properly on time.

Lamar’s favorite mixed R&B songs are one made by Jhene Aiko.  The atmospheric yet heavy bass combined with airy vocals is a good example to go by for modern day R&B.   Jhene Aiko’s engineers capture that aesthetic perfectly!  For Hip Hop, he gravitates to similar vibe, Rick Ross.  Rick Ross has a similar vibe, but not as atmospheric or airy since it needs to maintain the grittiness of Hip Hop.  If you’re looking for those vibes, definitely hit up Lamar asap to book your recording or mixing session!

Lamar achieves these mixes by using FabFilter’s Pro Q2.  This is by far his favorite plug in, and he is the one that actually convinced Cruz to finally get it for Jungle AE.  It’s a transparent EQ that’s also very precise with a modern feel to it’s GUI.

Hope you enjoy this weeks podcast!

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