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JTAPES Audio Podcast Ksenia V1 (9.24.17)

JTAPES Audio Podcast Ksenia

JTAPES Audio Podcast Ksenia features an in depth look into Jungle AE audio engineer, Ksenia.  Chief engineer, Excel Cruz, joins in and asks the questions!

JTAPES Audio Podcast Ksenia || #JTAPES is a weekly audio podcast released every Sunday featuring Chicago recording artists, producers and engineers recorded out of Chicago recording studio, Jungle AE.

Jungle AE engineer of 2 years, Ksenia, knew nothing about audio production before becoming an apprentice to chief engineer, Excel Cruz.  When we mean knew nothing, we mean she didn’t even know what DAW stood for or what Pro Tools was!  She definitely put in the work though and her love for music and love for helping people gave her the motivation to learn something she knew nothing about, and now she has her own clients.

Connecting with her clients is one of her favorite things about audio engineering.  She explains how you need to know your clients personality and be able to read them quickly.  You should be able to tell if they need to be pushed to do another take, or if you need to back off because they are frustrated.  The best engineers know how to get the best performance out of their client.

Ksenia has worked with a lot of independent artists.  Jargon just released an album, and Ksenia recorded and mixed a couple records on his debut project.  She has also got the chance to mix the vocals of Nipsey Hussle since he featured on a track by Cels Dupri called “Survival”.  You can hear that track on the Chicago Riding Music 2017 playlist on YouTube.  Ksenia has already recorded and mixed a couple projects for Cels Dupri.  There are other countless artists who are on the com up that she is working with.

On most of these sessions she is using her favorite plug in, the FabFilter Pro Q2.  She loves the simplicity and the modern feel.  Learn more about Ksenia by listening to this podcast!

Enjoy this week’s podcast!

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