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JTAPES Audio Podcast Cruz V1 (10.08.17)

JTAPES Audio Podcast Cruz features an in depth look into Jungle AE chief engineer. Veteran Jungle audio engineer, House, joins Cruz for the chat!

JTAPES Audio Podcast Cruz || #JTAPES is a weekly audio podcast released every Sunday featuring Chicago recording artists, producers and engineers recorded out of Chicago recording studio, Jungle AE.

Jungle AE chief engineer, Cruz, talks about the humble beginnings of the recording studio.  He wasn’t hired at other studios, and in collaboration with a close friend, they made one of their own!  Sometimes a ‘no’ is meant to happen to open up another door for a new adventurous path that’ll lead to personal growth.   Cruz felt like the work he did for a year in St. Louis would garner him a job in Chicago, but that didn’t happen.  This set back was a set up for a come back with the creation of Jungle AE!  These past 6 years have definitely been an awesome journey.  This origin story is explored more in our JTapes Audio Podcast with business partner Charles Acoba.

What has made Cruz versatile as an audio engineer are his selections of favorite mixes.  Cruz uses Nas’ outro of his 3rd solo album, “Undying Love’, which features strings from a James Bond sample and a full round bass with thumping kicking drums.  The song gives a good example of how to use special effects or foley art within a composition.  Justin Timberlakes “Mirrors” is a good example of how to make a complicated mix (one filled with many instruments and vocal layers) keep its vibe, soul and clarity.  Cruz’s third example is Future’s “If You Know What I Took.”  His go to for trap that maintains an honest soulful energy yet keeps it’s grime and dirt.

Engineering from Nas to Future reveal the differences of New York vs Atlanta.  Cruz spent a lot of time engineering for St. Louis and also Chicago.  Both have their difference and contribute to their “ciry’s sound.”

With over 10 years of total experience between St. Louis and Chicago, Cruz also talk about studio don’ts.  The biggest being hanging your headphones on the microphone stand or shock mount!

Hope you enjoy this weeks podcast!

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