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JTAPES Audio Podcast Charles Acoba V1 (10.15.17)

JTAPES Audio Podcast Charles Acoba features an in depth look into Jungle AE’s co-owner and financial manager. Chief engineer, Cruz, joins in on the conversation!

JTAPES Audio Podcast Charles Acoba || #JTAPES is a weekly audio podcast released every Sunday featuring Chicago recording artists, producers and engineers recorded out of Chicago recording studio, Jungle AE.

Jungle AE Co-Owner and Financial Manager, Charles Acoba, didn’t plan on starting a recording stuido until he claims, Chief Engineer, Excel Cruz, started complaining about not getting hired at any other Chicago recording studio.  After business planning in the line of several stores during Black Friday 2010, Charles developed a hard copy business plan.  They raised money and had a soft opening of the studio in February of 2011, with a grand opening in October of 2011.


In 2013, one of their clients had passed away from a drunk driver smashing into him.  This changed the business practices of both Charles and Cruz.  Charles began to see business as no longer just relationships based on transactions.  He believes the recording studio is not in the business of music, technology or entertainment but in the business of people.  “The only real thing in this world are people,” is a motto that Charles lives by.  This growth and understanding is applied now to his other 4 businesses.

Charles runs multiple businesses all at the same time.  How exactly do you successfully run 5 businesses?  The key is to master your schedule, set your priorities but also be flexible.  The flexibility on time is based on your relationships with the people you do business with.

Dragon Swans?  What are those?  Just listen to the podcast!

Hope you enjoy this weeks podcast!

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