Spud Cotton – “Hey Granddad”

“Hey Granddad” is an example of a Gold Mix done by our Chief Engineer, Excel Cruz.  Recorded at Jungle AE by Excel Cruz.

“Hey Granddad” is a bouncy track celebrating the life of Spud Cotton’s beloved grandfather.

“Hey Granddad” was a joy to mix.  Spud Cotton has been a long time client, maybe ever since 2012. His music has gone through same changes just as he himself as a person has. With this track Spud wrote “Hey Granddad,” a very emotional song recounting memories of his beloved grandfather. For Spuds vocals I actually used two different microphones, for the hook and verse we used the AKG C12vr going into the Avalon. For the talking parts during the hook in-between verse 1 and verse 2, we used the new VMS by Slate Digital. I wanted a different texture to the talking part so it could feel like it’s in a separate room from the actual song, as if he stepped outside a club and we are having an intimate conversation. I automated the OneKnob Filter to cut the high end frequencies to get that outside room experience on the instrumental and hook vocals. With the song being pretty joyous as opposed to sad and dark, I mixed the vocals to be on the brighter side to match the energy of the sample in the instrumental. I thought about putting some auto-tune on some of his more melodic lines, but I opted not to so I could keep the raw-genuine vibe. The arrangement of the instrumental is a little bit repetitive so during the first 8 bars of the second verse I used the OneKnob Filter again to make it a little more interesting. With the song arrangement, I do like how Spud let the beat breathe between the first verse and hook. It helps you to digest the emotions of the song and for you as a listener, it gives you time to reflect on someone that you may have lost. Enjoy the mix and know the vibes!

Peace & Love All.

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