Vocal Chain

Jungle AE's premier microphone.

We run a very unique vocal chain that music industry professionals use (worth $10,000+!!!).  The combination of our microphone, preamp and interface achieves a very pristine, clear and open sound.  The AKG C12vr microphone and Avalon 737sp channel strip combination is made famous by Grammy award winning songwriter/producer, Pharrell.  We contrast the AKG C12vr by swapping it out with the Slate Digital VMS.  The Slate Digtal VMS offers several distinct flavors and vibes emulating 8 different high end vintage microphones.  From dark to bright to warm tones, the VMS will capture the exact mood you need to match your song.   We can even emulate Hip Hop’s most sought after vocal chain, the Sony C800g microphone into the Neve 1073 preamp then compressed by the Avalon (the vocal compressor frequently used by Hip Hop super producer, Dr. Dre).  With the addition of the Lucid 88192 to provide high definition analog to digital conversion, the recording is sure to be clear, detailed and accurate.  This unique vocal chain guarantees a major label quality recording for your major label performance.


Avalon 737 in rack space.

Jungle AE runs on a custom PC made by Sweetwater equipped with Pro Tools 11 and Reason 7.  Our Pro Tools 11 is powered by Waves, Slate Digital and McDSP plug-in bundles for unbelievable in-the-box mixing.  For those looking for Antares Auto-Tune specialists, with the Mixed In Key 7 app, we can find your tune perfectly so it sits exactly how you envision it for your song.  Not only is Reason 7 used by our producers, but our mixing engineers use the SSL bus compressor unique to Reason which adds a finishing touch to the Gold Mix and Platinum Mix packages.  Our gear works in a synergetic way with our mixing philosophies which places Jungle AE in a very unique category amid Chicago recording studios.


Jungle AE is now capable of multi-track recording with high end analog to digital converters, Lucid 88192, for a total of 8 digital inputs.  Your band’s performance will be captured through a blend of diverse micropOur Lucid88192 is a high definition analog to digital converter!hones and preamps.  Our Avalon 737sp cannot only act as a preamp but also as a $2,000+ bass DI box!  The Studio Projects SP828 preamps gives us 8 more high quality clear mic pres.  Our newest audio engineer, Roland Lim has access to several microphone choices:

AKG C12vr (amazing as a room mic or on acoustic guitars), Blue Bluebird (great on guitar cabinets), Audix D-7 (flexible drum mics, *only available with Roland), Shure SM57 (studio workhorse used on anything and everything), Shure Beta52 (beast on bass amps and kicks), a pair of Audio-Technica Pro 37 (overheads & stringed instruments).      

With Roland’s experience as a multi-instrumentalist and drum engineer fused with Jungle AE’s equipment, the sound captured will be true to your band.

Welcome to Jungle AE recording studio!Instruments

Feel free to add percussion to your songs with our high quality djembes, congas, and shakers imported from Cameroon.  The Music Garage also has a list of rentable gear (keyboards, amps, guitars etc).  If you need any last minute drum gear, check out Vic’s Drum Shop on the first floor! We also offer studio musicians skilled in all these instruments if you need to add more depth or solos to your track!



Jungle AE provides a comfortable environment to create.

Other Amenities

Wi-Fi, several outlets to charge phones, android and iphone chargers, refrigerator, microwave, bathrooms on every floor, vending machines, free parking (parking lot & street)…. Contact us now!

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