Tila – “Pray” a Dr. Dre “Deep Water” remix

Dr. Dre Deep Water remix by Tila titled “Pray” was recorded by himself and mixed by Ksenia ‘K Sound.’

This Dr. Dre Deep Water remix by Tila is a very spiritual and powerful song.

Tila is a very good friend of mine. He is a man of many talents and he has a very unique voice. He is a good producer and always knows what he wants and how he wants it when it comes to the sound of his creations.

It is very important to know the emotion and mood of the song before you mix because that determines how you process the sounds and manipulate the frequencies of every instrument.

The way Tila delivered on this Dr. Dre Deep Water remix conveyed a feeling of desperation.  Listening to the rough mix I imagined a person in despair stranded on a ship in the middle of a dark foggy ocean.  The main synth in “Pray” elicited a wavy watery feel, so when I mixed it, I aimed to make it fluid so it can add to the smoothness of the song.  To help the fogginess of the song, I added an S1 Imager to spread its frequency and in sense, make it less clear and more scattered.  I also made his vocals foggy by adding a delay that pans left and right with the high ends being filtered out.  The continuous siren that is combined with the snare contrasts the main synth, and provides the harshness and dramatic emotion that feeds the desperate mood.  I told Tila to make a new 808.  The 808 helped convey the ominous and mysterious aspect of “Pray.”

Now onto some of the technical sides of things.

For his vocals I used H-Comp Hybrid Compressor. I really like this compressor because it makes vocals sound softer and smoother. At Jungle AE we really like parallel compression because it gives vocals a more natural sound that prevents them from sounding over compressed or over processed.

For the echo I used H-delay. I put it on ¼ delay with the feedback around 40. I also had a little of AutoTune EFX 3 on it and my latest discovery – TL AutoPan plugin!

I love Autopan plugin!  We’re best friends now.

I really enjoyed mixing “Pray.”

Please listen to “Pray” by Tila and send your trackouts to me so I can mix your newest song!

-Ksenia ‘K Sound’

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