BeeKay – Down From Here featuring Bianca Shaw

Down From Here featuring Bianca Shaw

Down From Here featuring Bianca Shaw  is an example of a Gold Mix done by our chief engineer, Excel Cruz.

To watch the music video, click here -> “Down From Here” music video

BeeKay – Down From Here features two female singers, Bianca Shaw & Ari Khan.  The beat feels like a heavy march but with its ambient synth a introspective thinking feeling permeates.  The vocals have to be mixed with these characteristics in mind.

Between the three artists, they all have such different voices.  We originally recorded Ari Khan and BeeKay on the same day with the AKG C12vr going into the Avalon VT-737 SP channel strip.  A couple months passed before BeeKay brought Bianca Shaw in to do the chorus and additional background vocals.  The gap was perfect!

Within that time, we had received our VMS by Slate Digital!  The VMS microphone can emulate vintage tube microphones and preamps.  Bianca has a high pitch, almost whiney texture.  Putting her on the AKG C12vr would have exaggerated her thin vocals and made them too sharp.  I knew this would happen as Bianca has recorded with us multiple times before.  Therefore, the perfect microphone for Bianca would be one that offered a smoother top end and provide good body to her voice as opposed to it being light like Ari Khan’s vocals.  On Bianca, we used the VMS set on the FG-251  microphone and FG-76 preamp.  You can hear how the chorus sounds silky smooth with the hi ends tamed.

BeeKay decided to redo his verses, which was perfect because I wanted to record him on the VMS rather than keeping him on the AKG C12vr.  He and Bianca have similar voices, so a different from mic from the AKG C12vr would work well.  Here is a side note, BeeKay and Bianca are cousins, maybe this is why they have similar voices?  On BeeKay I used the VMS set on the FG-800 microphone and FG-76 preamp.  I needed his vocals to be pop bright but still have body.  Furthermore, too light of a vocals on BeeKay takes away from the power of the meaning in his lyrics.  Think about Nas, if you take away the body and bass from Nas, his storytelling prophetic rapping style doesn’t resonate.  This is the same thing with Down From Here featuring Bianca Shaw.

For the background vocals, I rolled off even more low end and gave it that classic radio effect EQ.  They were meant to be background vocals only, so giving them the feel of a light mist is a good contrast to Bianca and BeeKay’s voice.

Enjoy the mix and enjoy the song!

Peace & Love All!


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