Clew & Prov – “Tarzan”

Clew & Prov – Tarzan

Clew & Prov – “Tarzan” is an example of a Platinum Mix done by our Chief Engineer, Excel Cruz.

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Clew & Prov have been working together for the past 3 years.  Clew has been working with Jungle AE for 5 years, and he has finally released his debut single through world famous DJ, The Magician and his independent record label POTION! It took time to find the perfect producer to craft his sound. Prov does a great job of creating a fresh and organic vibe for skilled rapper, Clew. Prov tracked and programmed everything at his own home studio. To my surprise, he actually recorded those tribal drums with a phone at a random drum circle where everyone just happened to be jamming.

The goal, mix this to sound major label but still maintain its individuality and character.  It’s an interesting song to mix because it borrows influences from Hip Hop, Electronica (mostly House) and R&B. I had no reference point for a song like this.  It took great communication by Prov to lead the mixing process. Communication between the producer and engineer needs to be open in order to achieve great sounding mixdowns containing a heavy track count in an uncharted genre.

Prov recorded Clew’s vocals in his home studio. I parallel compressed his vocals using the WAVES Renaissance Compressor  and the CLA-76 Bluey. The Renaissance Compressor gave a subtle color and the CLA-76 Bluey gave the pop color.  The vocals were glued together by an amazing free bus compressor, made by TDR called Kontelnikov. I EQed with Slate’s FG-S (the SSL EQ model) and WAVES Q-8 for precision cutting. I wanted to capture the rawness and indy feel but give it a bit of a pop sound feel.

I didn’t really do too much processing in the drum mix.  Simple leveling and pannning acheived the drum mix. The BF-76 fattened up the bass. We actually used the OneKnob Pumper on the bass as opposed to side chaining, it was just easier and quicker this way. McDSP Filterbank EQed the guitars to cut away conflicting frequencies with bass and vocals.

Enjoy the mix and enjoy the song!

Peace & Love All!


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