Alice Hyde – “Mary, Did You Know?”

Recorded and mixed by Excel ‘Coach’ Cruz at Jungle AE.

Jungle AE is currently working on Alice Hyde’s debut solo project.  She decided to give a little treat and preview for everyone by doing a cover of “Mary, Did You Know?” originally performed by Michael English and written by Mark Lowry & Buddy Greene.  We tracked the guitar and vocals together in one take.   I used the AKG C12vr on Adam DeVries’ guitar and the Blue Bluebird on Alice’s vocals.  My first initial decision was to use the C12vr on Alice since it typically shines on female vocals, but of course, my instincts told me to test the Bluebird on her.  The C12vr was warm yet vibrant while the Bluebird was mellow, cool and darker.  For this particular song, the darker sound contributed to the vibe of the song.  As always, the C12vr shined on the acoustic guitar.  It does such a great job on getting the low end warmth combined and the high end shimmer.  I kept the mix very simple on this song.  I just added a splash of reverb on her vocals and the guitar.  Instead of using a compressor for the vocals, I automated the volume.  That process took a while, but it felt like it sounded more natural.   We did have to do some studio magic by combing two different takes together to make it sound like one complete take!  The click to tab function on Pro Tools helped a lot with syncing.  If anyone can correctly tell me the time of the edit, then I’ll give you free recording time!  And go!

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