Alice Hyde x Alberto Morales – “Cry Out to Jesus” (Cover)

“Cry Out To Jesus” (cover) by Alice Hyde and Alberto Morales was recorded and mixed by Excel ‘Coach’ Cruz at Jungle AE.

“Cry Out To Jesus” was covered by Alice Hyde.   She worked on this cover with pianist, Alberto Morales.  For this session, I went with the Blue Bluebird microphone again.  That microphone complements Alice’s vocal tone and singing style very well.  Remember; always go for the correct feel for the song, and not to use equipment or plug-ins simply because it’s the most expensive gear (although 90% of the time the more expensive gear will be chosen).  The Bluebird is a bit more raw and grittier which matches the vibe of the song.  The song to me has a desperate “crying out” feel.  Our AKG C12vr would have made Alice’s vocals sound “too pretty” and that would clash with the vibe of this song.  With Alberto’s keyboard, we simply went into our Studio Projects 828 preamp.  Mixing wise, I went very minimal with processing.  I did use Slate Digital’s VTM on each track and the VMR for EQing.  I will admit, my first mix, I went processing crazy for some reason and it took away from the warmth and rawness of the song.  I started from scratch and remembered to keep it simple… stupid… aka.. the “KISS” rule J.  I did do some fun automation with the vocal’s reverb.  I began the vocals dry, and as the song picked up in intensity, that’s when I increased the wetness of the vocals.  I wanted to make the song feel like journey, and I believed that helped contribute to that feeling of moving from one space to another.  I hope you all enjoy the music video.  We are still currently working on her original music with Adam DeVries at Jungle AE recording studio.  Chicago will be pleased with the project!

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