Jungle AE Staff – “Adventure of a Lifetime” (cover)

Adventure Of A Lifetime by Coldplay is remarkably remade by our mixing engineer Ksenia ‘K Sound’, producer Tila, producer TinaOnTheTracks & singer/songwriter Adam Gregory.

Adventure of a Lifetime is a great title to sum up my career as an audio engineer.  The more I work as an audio engineer, the more I learn cool tricks and how to transform sounds. A month ago, I got the idea that if you have enough skill and knowledge you can improve upon any sound. I decided to take random everyday objects and use them as instruments. “Adventure of a Lifetime” was my guinea pig for this experiment. I sought help from Adam Gregory for the rhythm guitar in the song. Adam also played the bass for the track. After laying down the rhythm guitar and bass, we moved to recording different layers of the drum tracks. The first type of drum we recorded was the kick drum (bass drum). Instead of using an actual kick drum, Tina and Tila stomped on the floor of the isolation booth. We used a bongo that was imported from Cameroon to give us our snare sound. We had Tina play it. I had Tina also do 2 layers of claps and Tila added 1 more. With 3 layers of claps, it made for a nice full natural sound. Thanks to Dominick importing a bunch of percussive instruments from Cameroon, we had authentic shaker sounds. Watch the video, you will see what they look like. Tila did the job of shaking the beans! Adam added the tambourine, which was bought from the only drum exclusive shop in Chicago, Vic’s Drum Shop. The most genius idea that I had was to use a lamp and two markers. The two markers were my drum sticks and the can light lamp was my “cowbell”. Tina used Reason to produce the synth sounds. If you need beats, contact her! All four of us did different vocals! In my next couple blogs, we will explore different tips and tricks through this song! I can’t wait to share those with you guys!

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Ksenia ‘K Sound”

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