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Welcome to the official website of Jungle Audio Engineering. We are one of the best recording studios in Chicago, and we are very proud of it. We do not just help independent artists record music. We help each and every artist, across all genres, catapult their careers. We have a diverse staff of musicians, producers, and engineers that can help you achieve optimum sound, but we also aim to help you succeed. Chicago is a rich music city and there are many Chicago recording studios. However, Jungle AE is not just a recording studio within Chicago, Jungle Audio Engineering is a movement that has a mission of  re-establishing the Chicago music industry through genuine and quality productions.


Make Your Own Setup Home Studio Recording Rap Vocals Yourself!!!

Setup Home Studio

Setup home studio for rap vocals is simple and cost efficient!  I had a setup home studio for recording rap vocals because I was a college student with dreams of being a rap star but lacked of income since I was doing 18 credit hours most of my semesters and had no time for a job. Have a laptop or desktop already? Have your own room? Well that’s enough to start with to have a recording setup for under $250! With this type of home studio setup, you’ll get quality like this!

(Please ignore the cheesy background video… I did this 9 years ago.)

Granted, I did mix these records, but that goes to show, it’s not your tools, it’s the engineer! So let’s look at the type of equipment I used to set up my home studio. The microphone I used was the Audio-Technica AT2020. I paired that up with the M-Audio MobilePre, which is discontinued, but a comparable interface is the M-Audio M-Track II. Make sure you buy a pop filter to help with the plosive sounds (P’s and B’s). I used the Gator GM-Pop Filter at the time. For my headphones, I bought a pair of Sony ZX On Ear-Headphones for about $20. When it came to the set up of my home studio in my room, I just picked the most dead sounding place in the room and set up my microphone there. You can see where it sounds the most dead by clapping and listening to see if there is reverb, the less reverb the better! If you have a closet that you can proof with foam, even better, but again, I didn’t use a closet. What about software? Well, now you can use Pro Tools for free! Avid has put out a free version of Pro Tools called Pro Tools First. It’s free for download, track count may be limited but if you are just recording your own vocals to an instrumental, it works just like the professional version. It has the basic plug-ins you’ll need to get decent mixes (again, its not the equipment as much as it is the engineer!). You can even export your raw files and send them to Ksenia or I to mix down your tracks. So let’s break it down…

Audio-Technica AT2020                              $ 99.00
M-Audio M-Track II                                        $ 99.00
Gator GM-Pop Filter                                      $ 18.99
Sony ZX On-Ear Headphones                    $ 19.99
Avid Pro Tools First                                          FREE!!!

Grand Total                                                   $ 236.99

Refer back to the quality in the video. That setup home studio quality cost me under $250!!! With this basic home studio set up, proper recording technique and a good mixing engineer (Like Ksenia!), you can make quality listenable music (that video got 40,000 + views within only 3 months in 2008 when I first uploaded it)!

Click on the hyperlinks in the price table for more info on the equipment and software!

Written by Excel Cruz
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“Almost Is Never Enough” cover you need to see!

Almost Is Never Enough cover

A heart wrenching cover of “Almost Is Never Enough” is delivered by our good friend and client, Lee Soo Jung aka CHAI.

She is currently overseas competing in KPop Star Season 5.  CHAI teamed up with soulful singer, Jung Jin Woo, on this very emotional duet.  We’re very proud to see her growth and can’t wait to witness more.  Watch now!

Click here to listen to her cover of Yuna’s “Decorate” recorded and mixed by Excel Cruz at Jungle AE.

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Drums Recording Tips

Drums Recording Tips
Written by Roland Lim

Preparing to Record Tips #1: Drums

As should be the mentality with any recording involving live sound capture, the source of the sound (whether it be an instrument, amplifier, etc.) is a major focal point and should sound exactly how you want it to sound on the recording before you even place a microphone in front of it. The excuse of “fixing it in the mix” is simply unacceptable and will invariably lead to non-cohesive recordings that do not live up to their true sonic potential.

Drums in particular are a difficult instrument to record with top producers and studios paying specialists (such as Ross Garfield, the infamous “Drum Doctor”) to tune and adjust their drums for a particular recording session. Here some of my personal tips for getting your drums to sound the best that they can before we record together:

  •         Drum Dial – Although using your ears should be your first line of defense, a drum dial is a specialized pressure sensor that measures drum head tension at each lug nut. This allows you to dial in precise tunings that ensure even tone along the entire drum head.
  •         E-Rings – E-Rings are plastic rings that surround the top rim of your drum heads that prevent ringing tones on your toms or even on your snare drum. They are a great way to help your toms sound deeper and full bodied.
  •         Moon Gels – Similar in functionality to the E-Rings, moon gels are small rubber pads that can be stuck to the top and bottom drum heads to prevent ringing noises and to provide sound dampening for different sounds. Duck tape is often used as an alternative to moon gels, but can sometimes leave glue residue on your drum heads and is not as discreet.
  •         New Drum Heads – This one may sound obvious, but new drum heads can make a world of difference in terms of sound quality. This is especially true with the easily worn top snare head which if replaced can revitalize the snap of the snare as well as reveal greater ghost note clarity.

I hope you find these tips useful and I look forward to recording with you soon!

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