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Welcome to the official website of Jungle Audio Engineering. We are one of the best recording studios in Chicago, and we are very proud of it. We do not just help independent artists record music. We help each and every artist, across all genres, catapult their careers. We have a diverse staff of musicians, producers, and engineers that can help you achieve optimum sound, but we also aim to help you succeed. Chicago is a rich music city and there are many Chicago recording studios. However, Jungle AE is not just a recording studio within Chicago, Jungle Audio Engineering is a movement that is has a mission of  re-establishing the Chicago music industry through genuine and quality productions.


Plug-in Tuesday – Waves AudioTrack

Waves AudioTrack in Cruz's recording template.

Written by Cruz, chief engineer of Jungle AE studios.
Need a quick channel strip plug-in to get vocals sounding like they do on modern day mainstream rap music?  Pick up Waves AudioTrack.  The AudioTrack combines Waves Q eq with the C1 compressor.  I’ve heard rumors that Drake’s engineer, 40, uses the plug-in often, so I said, why not!  It’s now part of my initial template when recording R&B or Hip Hop.  The compressor gives a very upfront flattening feel that is running rampant in today’s mixes, (I’m personally not a huge fan, but hey, it’s the sound of now.)  It’s very crispy, clean and clear, almost harsh.  It’s far from sounding warm, but it gives the sound that everyone today associates polished vocals with.  I enjoy the EQs because of how tight you can make the Qs.  I’ve never seen another EQ with such tight Q’s as the ones on AudioTrack.  People wonder how my rough mixes come out so clean and clear, well that’s because I use this channel strip. While recording, I’ll quickly set the compressor section so that the gain reduction is between 4 to 8 dB for rap vocals and between 1 to 4 dB for singers.  During playback, I will quickly sweep the frequency range to EQ out what’s unmusical in the vocals.  This process literally happens in 2-3 minutes, that way I don’t have to think about the timbre of the vocals, and I can concentrate on the balance of the overall mix.  It’s great as part of my recording template because it doesn’t take up a lot of CPU power.  Now, I may not use it during my #CruzTouch mixing sessions, but it is always used as part of the template for all my recording sessions!

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 Waves AudioTrack @

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